To change language, go to settings and restart the application.

How to start a new shooting session:

Select "New Session" in the main menu, change Type, Caliber and Target as you want. The end time will be set when you quit the session and enters the main menu. (you can change start/end time manually, it that case it will not be updated). Then go to the "Target" tab. In the "Target" tab you mark the score by pointing at the target. You can fine adjust the score by pressing the arrows in the "Fine adjustment" box. You can fine adjust a score at any time by clicking the score number for the bullet hole you want to adjust and then use the "Fine adjustment" box. You can delete individual shots by a long press on a score number. Use the "Zoom" slider to zoom in on target. Go to the next/previous round by using the arrows under the target. If you want to add the scores later (For example in a competition where you don\'t have time to add scores to the target tab) you can go to the "Camera" tab and take a photo of the target. To use fractional scores in a round, check the box next to "Fractional score". To end the session you click the back button to go to the main menu.

How to use countdown timer:

To change starttime press the countdown timers numbers, and adjust the time. To start counting down press "Start". To reset/start over press "Reset".

How to open previous session:

If you want to look at, change or continue a previous session select "Earlier sessions" from the main menu and select the desired session.

How to show an Analysis:

When you want to analyse several sessions select "Analysis" in the main menu. Select start/end date and other analysis criteria, then select the analysis you want and press "Show Analysis" (more analysis are coming).

How to export/Import a database:

If you want to backup all data from Shooters diary, you select "Export/Import a database" and then select "Export database". The database will be saved in a folder called "shooters_diary". To import another database just place it in the "shooters_diary" folder and select "Import database".

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